Thursday, May 31, 2007

Style Board

Mr. Bunny sketch and model.

I thought you might like to see my work so far.

Mr. Bunny model 360

My short story

Since we've been dealing with the development of a short film at work...I've decided to begin concepting one of my own. Hopefully I can use this opportunity to round out my skills with drawing, modeling, rigging, lighting, rendering...the whole realm of 3d. Not to mention doing more animation! So...It's still in the air right now...but here is a story I have come up with.

Bunny Short

Mr.Bunny is hopping through his garden. He pulls a carrot out of the ground and he checks its "ripeness" by smelling it and taking a small nibble. He concludes that it is not ripe so he puts it back into the whole that he pulled it out of, so it can finish growing... He's so proud of his carrot crop.. Then a small UFO comes and starts beaming up all of his carrots! One by one it plucks them from the ground...all the way until they are all gone...Mr. Bunny, mad, is jumping up and down in fury. The UFO comes over, pulls out a huge mallet and whacks Mr. Bunny into the ground! His ears stick out just like a carrot's leaves! Then three more UFOs come along only to find that their friend has already abducted all the carrots but one. BUT...the other one is actually Mr. Bunny! One of the UFOs come and suck him out of the ground and into their ship....

The three decide that they have enough carrots for their master plan, so they head back to outer space. Now we find Mr. Bunny in a big room within the UFO, thrown in a gigantic pile of carrots.

I am still thinking of a cool ending...but Doris and Seth gave me a couple of suggestions I could go with...

1. The aliens nibble on him but he is not ripe yet (just like the carrot he sniffed) they put him back on earth.

2. He takes over the alien ship, shoots down the other two UFO's...chases down the original one.. and takes his carrots back.

I like the second one so far but I'm still thinking....

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The blog bone is connected to bone...the website bone is connected to the blog bone!! now if you ever had trouble finding it, it's easily accessable from the main entrance page @ :)

So, as promised, the last couple of days I took my own advice and have come up with two good points to cover in today's blog.

Number 1 - It's okay to break the principles of animation..(what!?!)...when it makes sense (ohhh). For example, suppose your character is doing a slapping or a stomping action. As a rookie animator, it's your first instinct to follow your arcs strictly, so you make sure that stomp has a beatiful flowing arc motion to it right? Wrong! Think about it and act out the motion...slam your hand on the table!! Do it again and you'll notice that on your down motion there was no arc what-so-ever. Now I'm not saying that every rule of animation needs to be broken, but it's just a reminder that just because it is a doesn't mean that you have to stick to it like the bible...

Number 2 - (And this is a reminder to myself as well as help for you) - Squash and stretch can even be applied to non-cartoony characters. Most of the time when you study s&s you see a lot of Tex Avery, Chuck Jones cartoons where the character literally stretches across the screen. That looks really cool when you are going for that kind of animation...but it looks even cooler when you sneak it into your more realistic animations subtly. I've known about this little tip for a while, but Bryan emphasised to me just how important it really is, so I'm going to start really concentrating on this part of my push it to the next level...ascended animator style! If you'ld like to see more info on the use of this tip, read up on Victor Navones tutorial at ... it really demonstrates what I am talking about here.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Creating a short story.

Well, this has been my first full day with a blog. I feel so cool now and full of words. All day I've been trying to remember things to write...I think I'll start carrying around a notepad so I can actually jot down some notes for the day.

I bet you are asking..." what did you do at Reel FX today Kent??"...Well, most of the day I spent working on some personal animations, but what feels the most significant was the discussion about our upcoming short film. Apprentices 7 we are....a film we shall create.......but first we have to think of a story!! So far all we really have nailed down is that we want to use the imagery that is being created from the artist Zdzislaw Beksinski ( ) And even though none of us have correctly pronounced his name once..his artwork has spawned many different ideas in our heads. Beksinski grew up near a concentration camp during WWII, witnessing attrocities that little kids should not. It wasn't until he was older that he actually began painting interpretations of his childhood memories. To me though, it's not necessarily the story of the author that compells me, it's the actual images that draw me in...they are so detailed!!...and scary!! I want our short film to bring up these kinds of feelings for the viewer..

For our next meeting, all 7 of us are to bring a new variation of our most current ideas. At this point we will probably shoot them all down again...but we know it's for the best...when we finally all decided on a story it will be will be scary...and it will be ours. Personally, I feel like production will be tight, but if any other group could ever pull this off it's us. So, we will see what happens next time...and I'll keep you updated.

The Ascended Animator is born.

The battle was fierce...but after confronting an obviously much stronger opponent...the Ascended Animator was born...dun dun dunnnn... By not giving up, I was pushed to the next level of animation. No longer am I the simple school-boy animator of past. I have beaten the evil university monster, and now I am moving to the future, unknowing of my limitations....

But really, today I am moving to the world of BLOGS!! 2 years ago I would have thought you had to be a journalist or congressman to have a blog..but now it seems that even animators can write! So maybe...just maybe...someone will be interested in what I have to say...

And what do I have to say you ask? Well, I'm officially on the inside of Reel FX, an awesome studio in an apprentice. I am literally here to suck the knowledge out of other people, to learn all that I can in a six month period. How did I get here?--- Through hard work and dedication...and connections.

It is here that I would like to give this blog a purpose... I have created Ascended Animation for the little guy(or girl)...the person in college, wondering what it takes to become a part of the real animation world. That's the main question I had the whole time I was there..."What actually goes on in a studio?...What should I expect?" By writing about my daily experiences, I hope to bring you insite into my world...and creating a path into the 3d industry (from an animator's perspective).