Saturday, June 16, 2007

UFO Test Flight

I took my UFO for a test flight today. It's still a little bumpy so I'm gonna make some adjustments...and I need to start working on the paint job, but the primer coat is applied. Click HERE to view the animation!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

House Model

This is the actual model I am working on, but I did a little concept work on top of it, mostly just playing around with the look of it.

Story Finished, awaiting confirmation

Hey again! I've finished writing the story, and will try to spread it around tomorrow at work to see what everyone thinks! Here it is so take a look while you're here.

The Adventures of Harold Puffinfluff

Harry is hopping through his garden. He pulls a carrot out of the ground and he checks its "ripeness" by smelling it and taking a small nibble. He concludes that it is not ripe so he puts it back into the whole that he pulled it out of, so it can finish growing... He's so proud of his carrot crop.. Then a small UFO comes and starts beaming up all of his carrots! One by one it plucks them from the ground...all the way until they are all gone...Harry, mad, is jumping up and down in fury. The UFO comes over, pulls out a huge mallet and whacks him into the ground! His ears stick out just like a carrot's leaves! Then three more UFOs come along only to find that their friend has already abducted all the carrots but one. BUT...the other one is actually Harry! One of the UFOs come and suck him out of the ground and into their ship....
Now we find Harry in a big room within the UFO, thrown in a gigantic pile of carrots. Realizing where he is, Harry runs out of the carrot storage room to the bridge of the UFO. (the ship is small so it's basically the size of a star trek shuttlecraft) Harry pulls a lever and the alien is launched out of the spaceship. (ejecting seat). He then grabs ahold of the controls and flys after the original UFO. He shoots it down and all of the carrots come flowing out of the hatch. Lastly we find Harry hopping back through his carrot garden, all the carrots have been re-inserted into the ground. He picks one out, it's ripe, so he takes a bite out of it and hops into the distance.'s still a little rough around the edges, but I like it from beginning to end. The theme of the story is "Just because someone looks innocent and cuddly, it doesn't mean they won't kick your butt if you steal from them."

Check out my next post for progress on models!

Friday, June 8, 2007


Yesterday I took some time to brush up on my UV and texturing skills. So I took the UFO model I have been working on and started testing myself with that. I think the overall look of it would be better with HDRI rendering, but I also must consider that the short will not be rendered with that way. Here is a picture of my progress so far! The proportions are off from my original sketch, but this is more just like a test-run.. Geoffrey White, a fellow apprentice has been tutoring me some too, and is showing interest in helping me out on the project. If anyone else out there reading wants to help out just send me an email and I would love the help!