Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Open Season 2 screening

Tonight was a very special night for me, being the first time I've ever seen my animation on the big screen in the theater. Reel FX rented out a studio movie grill and I got to take Rachel, Caleb, and my mom to see Open Season 2. Rachel had already seen the movie, but this was the first time my mom saw it. It was very gratifying to hear the laughter of her and the other people in the theater (especially the kids). After seeing it so many times myself, I have difficulty seeing the parts that are supposed to be funny... all I am really able to see are the mistakes I made. I think this will always be something I will have to live with no matter what I work on. Don't worry though, I still saw all the great things about the movie too. It looked like Roger the cat stole the show, so maybe Open Season 3 will be all about him.

Os3 could be the prequel that shows all about how Roger came to lose his memory. Coming from an abusive home, he was forced to live outside and was eventually hit by a car...thus the deformities in his back. Young Stanley, on his way to Pet Paradiso as a kitten, found Roger and snuck him back onto his RV, nursing him back to good health. They go on to have many adventures until he gradually loses his memories. Stanley thought it would be easier to leave him to live his life in the wild again, only to visit him when he stops for visits at Pet Paradiso...

Well, maybe not.

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Randy said...

Wow, would that movie come with a free dose of prozac?

If you have your way, Open Season 3 sounds like an animated version of Seven Pounds...